Crossware365 Email Signatures
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Unlock the True Power of your emails.

The perfect enterprise email signature management solution to create consistent and compliant email signatures across all devices and teams. Centrally managed and controlled from the Crossware platform!

Making life easier for Marketing, IT, Legal and Sales Teams! Whether you are an organisation of 50 or 10,000, Crossware caters to the needs of every department in the organisation – saving time and increasing productivity!

Crossware Email Signatures
Crossware Email Signatures
Crossware Email Signatures

Company-wide Email Signature Management Made Easy

Create and manage email signatures for as many employees as you need. With Crossware, signature management for 1000s of employees is as easy as it is for 10.

  • Centrally manage all signatures from a single dashboard
  • Maintain consistent email signatures across all devices
  • Enable each department to edit and control their signatures

Simplifying Professional Email Signature Design

Creating a business email is a straight-forward experience even for those with little to no HTML knowledge. Crossware’s powerful email signature software makes designing your new email signatures easy and fun.

  • Turn ordinary email signatures into engaging tools
  • Upload custom images, logos, links and fonts
  • Create multiple templates using drag and drop features
Crossware Email Signatures
Crossware Email Signatures

Extending Marketing Campaigns to Email signatures

Take advantage of this untapped marketing channel by turning every email into a marketing opportunity. Put your signature to work with targeted campaigns.

  • Run campaigns and promotional banners
  • Drive brand awareness and engagement
  • Collect 1-click surveys and ratings

The End of Boring Email Signatures

Create, Change, & Unify all Email Signatures in your Enterprise With Just One Click for All Employees

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